Monday, January 16, 2017

Macrium Reflect Home/Workstation / Server / Server Plus 6.3.1696

Download Macrium Reflect Home/Workstation / Server / Server Plus 6.3.1696 - Our image based backup and disaster recovery solutions have taken another big step forward in speed, simplicity and power. Our entire focus is helping organisations protect business critical data and systems, without fuss and budget breaking costs.

  • Rapid Delta Restore (RDR) - Using advanced delta detection technology RDR can rapidly recover data from single, or multiple full backups. Cuts restore times by 90% or more.
  • Pre-defined backup plan templates - The Macrium Reflect scheduling engine is pre-loaded with templates for traditional, Incremental forever, or you can create your own custom plan.
  • Incrementals forever - An efficient method to continuously maintain a defined number of the most recent incremental backups. The oldest incremental files are consolidated into a single synthetic delta.
  • SSD Trim support - This features provides automated SSD optimization providing enhanced SSD performance and longevity.
  • Rapid Delta Clone (RDC) - Improving further on the cloning capabilities using technology based on RDR to speed up disk cloning activities by 90% or more.
  • GFS with backup chain protection - The traditional GFS backup template has been pre-configured with monthly, weekly, daily activities, and retention rules. Simplifies management of backup chains.
  • Custom backup plan support - Allows administrators the flexibility of creating custom backup plans that provide the level of protection they require.
  • Virtual Image Boot (Technology Preview) - The ability to directly convert a Macrium System Image file into a running VM. Provides instant boot of failed systems for business continuity. 

What's New 6.3.1696 - 13th January 2017
  •     Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Restore
  •     The memory requirements of the Mailbox Restore process have been reduced..
Bug Fixes 6.3.1687 - 9th January 2017
  •     Server Plus Exchange 2016 extended properties not restoring
  •     When restoring appointments, Mailbox Restore for Exchange 2016 would not restore certain properties, such as recurrence patterns or the Show As field. This has been resolved.
  •     Server Plus Exchange 2010 not opening some mailboxes
  •     In some rare cases, the Mailbox Restore wizard would be unable to open specific Exchange 2010 mailboxes. This has been resolved. 

Trial expired message Fix

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